Women have different stresses placed upon us by ourselves and by our culture. In our therapy sessions I create a safe space where women can engage in honest dialog and define for themselves what mental health looks like.

I will help you to find answers to issues like:

  • How to cope with sadness
  • Creating and maintaining relationships
  • When to break up an unhealthy relationship
  • How to say no (and not feel guilty)
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Emotional eating and weight issues
  • Finding meaning while understanding yourself
  • Menopause and aging issues
  • Addressing co-dependence (we’re all guilty of that one)
  • And many more ...

My approach is holistic. We address the physical body, the emotional self, spirituality. We may incorporate meditation in our session or creative expressions like writing and art. I strive to empower women to access the ability they already have – to heal, grow and transform.

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