Just like their parents, children and adolescents experience problems with divorce, moving, merged families, etc. They also face other issues like new schools, peer approval, teasing and bullying, mood changes, and family conflicts just to name a few.

I believe it’s important to treat children and adolescents with respect and dignity. Most of them are nervous and untrusting of therapy, so activities help ease the tension and create bonding. I utilize play therapy, art and games to engage teens and children. I also let them know that confidentiality is an important aspect of our relationship. I invite parents to communicate with me, while maintaining confidentiality when appropriate.

Times have changed since we were teenagers. Today’s youth are more mobile, connected, and hi-tech. A steady diet of text messages, cell phone connectivity, reality TV, and internet activity offers them access to experiences they have difficulty processing developmentally.

Talking to an experienced mental health professional (who is not a teacher, parent or peer), will have proven invaluable benefits. The therapeutic process I offer will enable them to put emotions and experiences together into new ways to deal with problems.

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