"Myth: Homosexuality is merely sexual behavior. No, it is a matter of attraction: emotionally, mentally and psychologically. – Joe Kort"

It is challenging living in our world and being human. People are not always treated well or with respect. It is no wonder that this distress effects gay and lesbian individuals.

With gentleness and compassion, we can come to understand your distress. Together we create new ways of relating to yourself and to others.

My intention has always been to provide a safe environment where diverse sexual orientations and gender identities are seen as healthy and normal.

I concentrate on helping individuals around their identity, transition, relationships, work, as well as sexuality, intimacy, spirituality, addiction, grief and loss.

As a therapist, I will provide you with the personalized attention you need to better deal with your issues. Together we will examine all areas of your life and develop an action plan with proven strategies and techniques.

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