The transition to parenthood can be a difficult phase of life. Parents often struggle with many issues including postpartum emotions, returning to work, decisions about child care, the couples own relationship, relationships with extended family, and the general hassles of daily life.

Step families or blended families present many unavoidable challenges. Children may be accustomed to a different parenting style due to conflict between their parents. Children may feel compelled to compete for attention and dominance in a new household. Sibling rivalry can take on a new dimension.

I’m also a credentialed school counselor with experience in middle and high schools. I enjoy helping parents live more harmoniously with their children and adolescents.

My practice has a special focus on supporting, counseling and providing psychotherapy treatment for parents at all stages. Whether you struggle with parenting decisions, blended family situations, or relationships with grown up children, together we can develop an plan of action with proven strategies and techniques.

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