Anger is a very normal and even a healthy emotion. Learning how to deal with it in a positive way is important. Uncontrolled anger can make both you and those around you feel lousy. If your outbursts, rages, or frustrations are negatively affecting relationships with family, friends or co-workers, it’s time to learn some anger management skills.

Here are some tips to help you get your anger under control:

  • Take a time out. This may sound too simple. But it really works. Take a long, slow deep breath in. Hold your breath in for a second or two, and then exhale slowly and completely. Take twice as long to exhale as you did to inhale. Do this three or four times and you will be amazed at how calm and relaxed you will begin to feel. Do this exercise regularly.
  • Pracice relaxations skills, visuallize a relaxing scene or repeat a calming word or phrase. Listen to relaxing music. Write in your journal.
  • Get some exercise. Physical activity can provide you with an outlet for your emotions. Go for a brisk walk or run. Swim, lift weights, or do yoga.
  • Talks to someone. You may want to see a counselor to discuss these issues in a confidential and productive way.

As a therapist, I will provide you with the personalized attention you need to deal with your anger management issues in a better way. Together we will examine the areas of your life that are causing your negetive emotions and develop an action plan with proven strategies and techniques.

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